Social Media & Photo Booth


There is no better or more effective means of building a Social Media program than with Montage. Our Photo Booth widget not only takes great candid shots of your clients, but watermarks them with your practice logo and website. Photos can be directly sent to the client via text or email.

Social Media


Montage is a Social Media Powerhouse.

Enhance you social media marketing strategy with Montage! Sharing great content is an essential part of any social media program. If you find yourself struggling to find this great content, Montage can help. Not only does the Montage photo booth take amazing candid shots of your clients so that those clients can share them on their Social Media Accounts...but each photo taken on the board is saved in your ANDI Account. With the Montage photo booth, great content is at your finger tips. Posting your Montage photos to your practice's Social accounts is sure to increase social media engagement and improve awareness of your brand.


The Photo Gallery highlights photos that you will select to loop on your display from all of the photos taken from the Photo Booth.

Photo Gallery

Reviewer allow clients to post reviews right on the spot. They are instantly distributed and can be posted to most popular social platforms.

Capture Reviews


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