Client Education


Includes an extensive library of Illustrations, photos and radiographs, or import your own.



Digital Brochures

Digital Brochures

Eliminate senseless cluttered paper and brochures lying around your office.

Our DIgital Brochure Library is the Future in Education!


We currently feature 123 professionally written informational digital brochures, beautifully designed by the Solutions by Design design team. We include topics ranging from Pet Care to Clinical Procedures to Training, to Diseases Prevention and Nutrition. We also include a wide variety of Product Sheets on Pet Food Products. Of course you can print, email or text each instantly directly from Montage as desired.

Widget Brochure
Veterinary Educational Video Library

Enhance Each and Every Patient Exam and Client Experience! Our new Educational Video library is well on its way. Very soon you will be able to present, email, and/or text any of our videos directly from your Montage Board.

Each of our new videos are professionally produced and address topics on Pet Care, various procedures, nutrition, disease and other problems.

New On Screen Promotional Notifications!

Break through the clutter of information in your exam room...Introducing Montage Pop-ups. Now you can create, activate and synchronize a single promotional pop-up or a playlist. With the new Pop-ups feature you can deliver interactive messages such as product promotions, clinical advice or medial warnings. Now available!

New Feature Popups
Video Screensaver

We have had several requests over the past few months with questions on how to best utilize Montage during the pandemic. Is there a “hands-free” feature. The answer is “yes” now there is. We have developed a slideshow feature that allows you to set the Screen Saver to “Slideshow” mode. This will loop a series of slides both your and ours. We have included a series of Stock slides for you to choose from in creating your playlist. You can easily import your own slides to include or ask us to design a few for you.

Once you touch the board this activates the Montage interface as usual.

This feature is NOW AVAILABLE. You will receive instruction on how to activate this feature. If you need assistance, give us a call, we will be glad to help.


The Dog and Cat Breed Selector widgets include all of the information your clients will ever need. Many now refer to these widgets in making a decision on which breed of pet to add to their family.

We also included all of the Common Problems and Diseases associated with each breed.

Dog & Cat Breeds

We also include images representing each dog's and cat's common problems or diseases , and you will see the description, diagnosis and treatment options.

Dog Diseases

Pet obesity is a problem worldwide. How many calories should my pet consume each day? What does that equate to in the amount of food? Now you can calculate and get specific food recommendations in an instant.

Calorie Counter

Just one example of our many veterinary specific widgets. Select the type of chocolate and the amount to see the level of toxicity.

Chocolate Toxicity Meter

Select the species, select the pets weight, slide the dial to the pets age and you will see the human age equivalency.

Age Converter

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