Choose One of our Standard Layouts or a Custom Designed Interface

We feature industry specific widgets as well as a completely custom solution.

Virtually anything in Montage can be customized! Customizing the content on your Montage Board can take two paths. You can add your own content and maintain that content by logging into ANDI. ANDI is a very powerful tool utilized to add, delete, change content on your displays. If you choose, you can also rely on our Design Team to create beautiful, consistent graphics to maximize the professionalism and effectiveness of Montage.

Standard Veterinary Interface

We Feature a Variety of Hardware Configurations to Meet any Need

The initial set-up for your Montage Board can be accomplished on your own. However, many of our clients elect to have the Solutions by Design team do the initial set-up just to expedite the process and to create the most aesthetically pleasing and impactful presentation possible.

Your new Montage System is a turnkey, plug-and-play system. Included in your package is your touch monitor and mount, all necessary cabling, camera, keyboard, mouse and remote control. Our live support is included and available 7:30 – 5:50 M-F (Pacific Time). Text and email support is also provided at no additional charge.

We feature several wall-mount hardware solutions which can be installed horizontally or vertically. These are available in 32”, 43, and 55” displays.

One of our most popular hardware options for the reception area is our standalone Jumbo Smartphone. We offer a specific interface that simulates the look of a Smartphone. Millenials are instantly drawn to this display!
Jumbo Smartphone


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