Case Presentation

Radiography Features

Montage Interactive® is the Total Communication Solution! We have launched our integration path to a few of the industry leading Radiography Systems and plan a complete rollout in a few months. The integration will allow you to instantly pull patient records (x-rays) for display in our Whiteboard widget. Present as many as 4 images simultaneously. Our drawing feature also can be utilized to annotate directly on the x-rays.



Whiteboard Screens

Whiteboard for Digital Clinical Case Presentation for Human and Animal Health Professionals. Our Most Widely Utilized Widget is our Digital Whiteboard.

Take your practice to the next level of communication by presenting clinical content to your clients with dynamic illustrations, photos, radiographs and more. You can use your finger to draw and demonstrate virtually anything. We include a wide variety of clinical content and you can import your own into the system creating your own library.


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