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32" Touch Monitor/Panel Package
Retail Price: $3200.00
43" Touch Monitor/Panel Package
Retail Price: $4295.00
55" Touch Monitor/Panel Package
Retail Price: $5295.00

Stand Displays

43" Touch Monitor/Stand Package
Retail Price: $5529.00
55" Touch Monitor/Stand Package
Retail Price: $6550.00

Montage Software Licensing, Support, and Streaming

1-5 Boards - $195.00 /mo (per board)
6-25 Boards - $155.00 /mo (per board)
26-99 Boards - $125.00 /mo (per board)
100+ Boards - $99.00 /mo (per board)

(Excludes Hardware)
Retail Price: $89.00/mth per Display (12-month contract)

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Panel Displays


The initial set-up for your Montage Board can be accomplished on your own. That is what ANDI is for. Many of our clients elect to have the Solutions by Design team do the initial set-up just to expedite the process and to create the most aesthetically pleasing and impactful presentation possible. You can also have Custom Content created for your Montage Board. Or create your own.

One-time Content Set-up Fee Includes:
Supplier Ads: As you know many of the industry leading suppliers provide co-op advertising money for displaying their product ads on your Montage Board. There are 3 different areas to place ads, each a different size. We include 3 ads in any size in our set-up package.

Staff Bios and Photos: You can supply photos of each staff member and Doctor. It is really important to provide consistent and quality photos. We will crop and enhance each to their idea quality for you. You can supply copy/ text files for each bio...we will add that as well.

Customized Brochures: Each of the approximately 50 brochures included in Montage are actually PDF's. Additional brochures from Purina, Hill's and Trupanion are also included as desired. You will notice a blank area at the bottom of each, on the lower right side. We can add your practice logo and address information there for you.

Additional Brochures: We include 2 additional brochures with your set-up fee. We ask that you provide us with the text and any photos that you want included.

About Us: Many of our clients choose to have an "About Us" cell on their Montage Board. This is typically placed in the upper center cell of lower center cell. We will include an "About Us" Banner for you.

Request a Custom Quote

Virtually anything in Montage can be customized! Customizing the content on your Montage Board can take two paths. You can add your own content and maintain that content by logging into ANDI. ANDI is a very powerful tool utilized to add, delete, change content on your displays. If you choose, you can also rely on our Design Team to create beautiful, consistent graphics to maximize the professionalism and effectiveness of Montage. There is an additional charge for this service.

Customization Possibilities Include:
Supplier Ads: Vendor ads can be placed in 3 different sizes. These typically scroll (slideshow) and can contain "Specials" and "Promotions".

Brochures: We have approximately 50 Brochures ranging from Nutrition Information to Medical Procedures for both Dogs and Cats. These are beautiful brochures that can be viewed on the Montage Board, Printed to a Wireless Printer and or Emailed and Texted to a client's cell phone. You can always import your own brochures or if you want to be consistent with the look that we have created, you can ask us to customize each of our existing brochures or design new, additional brochures.

Dog and Cat Descriptions: The Dog and Cat Breeds Widgets are great fun for clients. Each has a description of the Breed, an Overview and Grooming Information.

Dog and Cat Disease Descriptions: Each of the Dogs and Cats have a list of Diseases that each breed is prone to. This is located under the Dog and Cat in the Dog and Cat Breed Widget. We realize that each practice has its own philosophy on treatment protocols. The descriptions can be changed to your preference.

Additional Medical Illustrations: Our current library of Medical Illustrations in located under the Whiteboard Widget. If you have any additional illustrations that may help you clinical case presentation, just let us know.

Additional Medical Animations: We plan on developing an entire library of Medical Animations. These are complex and very, very time consuming to produce. Our plan is to complete the Surgical Procedures animations then move on from there. If you have any ideas, we would love to hear them!


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