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Veterinary Hospitals and Clinics

Markets Vet

Veterinary Medicine is one of our very specific specialties.

Over 35 Veterinary specific widgets designed for your practice reception area and exam room.

Educational Videos for Your Website

Add 30 Professional Educational Videos to your Website! During this period of limited access client communications is critical and sometimes difficult. Solutions by Design has the answer. Now you can add a link to your website to direct your clients to information on 30 topics specific topics ranging from “Caring for a New Puppy” to “ACL Repair.”

Veterinary Educational Video Library

Enhance Each and Every Patient Exam and Client Experience! Our new Educational Video library is well on its way. Very soon you will be able to present, email, and/or text any of our videos directly from your Montage Board.

Each of our new videos are professionally produced and address topics on Pet Care, various procedures, nutrition, disease and other problems.

New On Screen Promotional Notifications!

Break through the clutter of information in your exam room...Introducing Montage Pop-ups. Now you can create, activate and synchronize a single promotional pop-up or a playlist. With the new Pop-ups feature you can deliver interactive messages such as product promotions, clinical advice or medial warnings. Now available!

New Feature Popups
New Hands Free Controller

In Development and Available Soon! We are in the works to develop a utility for Montage that converts your clients smartphone into a Montage Controller No app or browser required. Stay tuned for more on this as we get closer to release.

New Feature Hands Free
Free Montage Usage Chart

Want to know exactly how your Montage board is being utilized by staff and clients?

Once we are all back to normal, all Montage users will automatically receive a monthly report on the activity on each of your Montage boards. You will know exactly how many of the brochures were accessed, how many Radiograph presentations were made, what Montage widgets are of most interest to your clients, and the number of emails and texts were sent from each of your Montage boards. You will also see your activity as it compares to our national user base.

3D Viewer in the Works

We have started conceptualizing an exciting new widget. Soon you will be able to view a 3D image of a dog or cat, rotate that image and specify the image style:

  • Natural: Full body, Starts with a full lateral perspective and rotates right and left
  • Skeletal: Presents the skeletal structure of the body and also rotates
  • Muscle: Presents major muscles and rotates
  • Organs: Key organs within the body are presented, touch each to enlarge

Each of the “Styles” loads a series of information specific to that view and that element ie Heart or ACL. Montage loads videos, brochures, disease descriptions ready for activation.

Radiography Features

Montage Interactive® is the Total Communication Solution! We have launched our integration path to a few of the industry leading Radiography Systems and plan a complete rollout in a few months. The integration will allow you to instantly pull patient records (x-rays) for display in our Whiteboard widget. Present as many as 4 images simultaneously. Our drawing feature also can be utilized to annotate directly on the x-rays.

Video Screensaver

We have had several requests over the past few months with questions on how to best utilize Montage during the pandemic. Is there a “hands-free” feature. The answer is “yes” now there is. We have developed a slideshow feature that allows you to set the Screen Saver to “Slideshow” mode. This will loop a series of slides both your and ours. We have included a series of Stock slides for you to choose from in creating your playlist. You can easily import your own slides to include or ask us to design a few for you.

Once you touch the board this activates the Montage interface as usual.

This feature is NOW AVAILABLE. You will receive instruction on how to activate this feature. If you need assistance, give us a call, we will be glad to help.


The Dog and Cat Breed Selector widgets include all of the information your clients will ever need. Many now refer to these widgets in making a decision on which breed of pet to add to their family.

We also included all of the Common Problems and Diseases associated with each breed.

Dog & Cat Breeds

We also include images representing each dog's and cat's common problems or diseases , and you will see the description, diagnosis and treatment options.

Dog Diseases

Pet obesity is a problem worldwide. How many calories should my pet consume each day? What does that equate to in the amount of food? Now you can calculate and get specific food recommendations in an instant.

Calorie Counter

Just one example of our many veterinary specific widgets. Select the type of chocolate and the amount to see the level of toxicity.

Chocolate Toxicity Meter

Select the species, select the pets weight, slide the dial to the pets age and you will see the human age equivalency.

Age Converter

Orthodontic and Dental Specialists


Montage integrates into your communication flow to help create a great patient experience.

Most Orthodontic practices utilize Montage in their reception areas.

Here are a few of our some of our widgets available for our Orthodontic Practices.


Patient education and awareness is key to creating great patients.

Patient Education Videos

Post your patients before and after photos in the gallery section.

Before and After

Select from a variety of aligners that best suit your needs.

Choose Your Look


Sports • Restaurants • Museums

Other Markets

Public interactive displays create a memorable experience for exhibit attendees and guests.


Custom designed floor kiosks and towers along with a custom designed and programmed interface create a great customer or visitor experience.

Custom Kiosks

Digital menu systems and customer entertainment are a perfect fit for any restaurant.

Digital Menu


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